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Please follow the detailed instructions on the claim form. To expedite your claim, it is important that you send us as much information as possible. Delays can be experienced when incomplete information is submitted. Depending on the claim submitted, the following information will be needed along with the completed claim form. Additional authorizations may be obtained from the claims department for further review of your claim.

Disability Claims

There are 3 sections of the initial claim form. Part A, which is your section of the claim form, Part B, which is the employer's section of the claim form and Part C, which is the attending physician's section of the claim form. Please make sure to sign and date the authorization in Part A.

Disability Claim Form

Hospitalization Claims

Itemized bill showing admission and discharge dates, inpatient room charges (semi or private room charges), diagnosis and a signed and dated HIPPA authorization.

Hospitalization Claim Form

Accident Claims

Complete description of your accident. If the accident was motor vehicle accident, a copy of the police or accident report is required. If your injury occurred on the job, a first report of injury filed with your employer will need to be attached to the completed claim form. If you were first treated in the emergency room, a copy of the discharge papers from the hospital will be required to verify the first date of treatment.

Accident Claim Form

Critical Illness Claims

Medical documentation is required for specific critical illness (see claim form), birth certificate, names of all doctors and hospital in attendance and a signed and dated HIPPA authorization.

Critical Illness Claim Form

Cancer Claims

Pathology report used in the diagnosis of a malignant cancer, birth certificate, any itemized medical bills with the diagnosis and procedure codes and a signed and dated HIPPA authorization.

Cancer Claim Form

Dental Claims

Please complete the Patient section, boxes 8-18, as well as the Policyholder/Employee section. (Excluding boxes 31-38 and 40.) Your dentist should complete the Billing Dentist section, Boxes 42- 66. (Excluding box 53)

Dental Claim Form
Customer Service

Health Screening or Wellness Claims

Itemized bill that includes date of service, type of test performed, charges, and provider's name, address and phone number.

Accident Wellness Benefit Claim Form
Critical Illness Wellness Benefit Claim Form Cancer Wellness Benefit Claim Form

Beneficiary's Statement for Death Claim

A certified copy of the birth and death certificate. If the cause of death is due to and injury or accident, a copy of the police report is required. The beneficiary must sign and print their name at the bottom of the claim form.

Beneficiary's Statement for Death Claim Form

For Direct Deposit of Claims Payment

To have your claims payment direct deposited, please download and fill out this Electronic Funds Transaction Authorization form. This form may be used on all product claims except Group Term Life, Group Whole Life, Group Universal Life and AD&D claims.
Once complete, please return it to:
Continental American Insurance Company
Mail: Post Office Box 427 Columbia, South Carolina 29202
Phone: (866) 849-0011 Fax (866) 849-2970

Electronic Funds Transaction Authorization Form