Originally founded as Carolina Continental Insurance Company in 1980 in Columbia, South Carolina, with one state license and $50,000 in premium income, we operate today as Continental American Insurance Company to reflect our nationwide growth and our alliances with select national companies. Currently we are licensed in 47 states and generate over $100 million annually in premium income.

While we have secured a reputation for industry-leading products, the success of CAIC can also be attributed to our commitment to state-of-the-art technology and superior customer service. The culture of our organization is strongly rooted in our dedication to customer service. We have the knowledge and technical infrastructure to provide highly responsive and flexible support to ensure our customers' needs are satisfied. CAIC was founded on the philosophy of putting the customer first.

A woman with coffee looking at a laptop.

Other attributes that really make CAIC a true stand-out from other insurance companies are:

  • Innovative Products and Services: We provide a wide range of attractive employee benefits at reasonable prices, customized to satisfy the needs of a variety of organizations.
  • Effective, Committed Management: The management team is comprised of experienced insurance executives who are committed to rendering superior service to the agent, the policy holder and the account.
  • The Future: As we look toward the future, we are excited about the opportunities we see for continuing to expand and enhance the concept of voluntary insurance products marketed at the worksite. We will invest our energy and creativity in exploring new products and services that respond to the changing needs of the workforce. And as always, we will demonstrate our philosophy of placing customers first.