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Group Accident Insurance - The CAIC accident plan provides cash benefits directly to you in the event you are involved in a covered accident. Coverage is available for members and their families (including domestic partners), and the plan provides 24-hour coverage (on and off the job).

Group Cancer Insurance - This CAIC benefit will be paid directly to you if you are diagnosed with internal (not skin) cancer. Benefits are based on the insured’s age today and will not decrease as you get older.

Group Critical Illness Insurance - The new CAIC critical illness plan offers coverage for several new conditions, and an enhanced health screening benefit. This plan has been customized for United AFA members, and allows you to insure yourself and your spouse/domestic partner. Dependent children are automatically covered for 50% of the member’s benefit amount.

Group Disability Insurance - helps protect your income in the event that you are unable to work. Guaranteed-issue coverage is available for members.

Plan Highlights:

  • This plan provides coverage for off-the-job disabilities and a limited $500 monthly benefit for on-job disabilities.
  • The elimination period is 14 or 30 calendar days (depending on the plan you select). This is the amount of time you must be out of work before benefits are payable.
  • Benefits are payable for a maximum of 4, 5, 6, or 8 months (depending on the plan you select).

Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance - The CAIC hospital indemnity insurance plan provides coverage that can help absorb out-of-pocket expenses related to hospitalizations. The plan pays you cash benefits to you for hospital confinements and confinements in an intensive care unit, and includes a $1,000 hospital admission benefit.

Whole Life Insurance - The whole life insurance plan offers permanent life insurance protection, and the opportunity to obtain coverage for members, spouses/domestic partners, dependent children, and grandchildren.


File a Claim Online
Please follow the detailed instructions on the claim form. To expedite your claim, it is important that you send us as much information as possible. Delays can be experienced when incomplete information is submitted. Depending on the claim submitted, the following information will be needed along with the completed claim form. Additional authorizations may be obtained from the claims department for further review of your claim.

Accident Claims

Include the complete description of your accident. If the accident was motor vehicle accident, a copy of the police or accident report is required. If your injury occurred on the job, a first report of injury filed with your employer will need to be attached to the completed claim form. If you were first treated in the emergency room, a copy of the discharge papers from the hospital will be required to verify the first date of treatment.

Accident Claim Form
Accident Wellness Claim Form

Cancer Claims

Supporting documents include pathology report used in the diagnosis of a malignant cancer, birth certificate, any itemized medical bills with the diagnosis and procedure codes and a signed and dated HIPPA authorization.

Cancer Claim Form
Cancer Wellness Claim Form

Critical Illness Claims

Medical documentation is required for specific critical illness (see claim form), birth certificate, names of all doctors and hospital in attendance and a signed and dated HIPPA authorization.

Critical Illness Claim Form
Critical Illness Wellness Claim Form

Disability Claims

There are 4 sections of the initial claim form. Section 1 is Personal Data, Section 2 is Claims Data and Section 3 is Employment Data. The last Section is the Attending Physician’s Statement. Please make sure to sign and date the authorization in Section 1.

Disability Claim Form

Hospital Indemnity Claims

Required forms include itemized bills showing itemized bill showing admission and discharge dates, inpatient room charges (semi or private room charges), diagnosis and a signed and dated HIPPA authorization.

Hospital Indemnity Claim Form
Hospital Indemnity Wellness Claim Form

Whole Life Beneficiary's Statement for Death Claims

Please provide a certified copy of the birth and death certificate. If the cause of death is due to an injury or accident, a copy of the police report is required. The beneficiary must sign and print their name at the bottom of the claim form.

Beneficiary's Statement for Death Claim Form
File a Claim Online

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Service Requests

The Service Request Form allows you to make changes to your certificate such as name and address changes, beneficiary changes, or request a cancellation, loan, or cash surrender.

Service Request Form

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